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News Release

Welcome to Dan Miles!/ダン・マイルズ校長来日!

Welcome to Dan Miles, our new principal from British Columbia. Dan Miles comes to the school with many years of experience both working in schools as a principal as well as work with the Ministry of Education to develop the new teaching curriculum. Mr. Miles was also selected in 2014 as one of the Outstanding Canadian Principals.

He is excited about moving to Tokyo with his wife and is looking forward to working with the school.

BSICSの新校長Dan Miles氏が3月11日に来日し、翌12日に文化学園杉並中学高等学校に来校しました。Miles氏はBC州の学校の校長を何年もの間勤めており、教育省と共に新教育カリキュラムの作成に携わりました。Miles氏は2014年カナダで傑出した校長の一人に選ばれました。