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Summer Trip in Canada ~day 13~

This is the third week for the students in Canada.  On the weekends, the students can relax by visiting each other or going camping, shopping, hiking, to church etc.. Try their best this week, too!


During the first half of this week, the students made a timeline of “Road to Canadian Confederation”. They learned the main events about Canadian Confederation and it will conclude the first half of Social Studies 10.
Day 13_1

Day 13_2

The students are making the chronological table with pairs, working together regarding the cause-effect relationship between events.  They will need to be more proactive with their studies in the second half of the program.


In this Canadian learning style, there are not only classes at school field trips almost every day.  Since the students came here, they have been taking part in various activities so as to develop a broad outlook.  Today we went to a farm near the school.
Day 13_3

Day 13_4

The farm also has a factory where people can take a tour to learn how to make dairy products. The students learned how the factory is keeping their traditional methods of production, while minimizing mechanization.
Day 13_5

The students were happy to taste the cheese made at the factory.  They ate all of the cheese for tasting because it was so delicious!

The students will complete the Canadian Confederation chronological table tomorrow.