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Summer Trip in Canada ~day 14~

A class started as usual today, but special guests visited the students today!

Day 14_1



Mr. Dan Miles, BSCIS Principal, joined the class with his wife!
Day 14_2

Day 14_3



Although the students met Dan and his wife for the first time in about two weeks, the students had a good opportunity to share what they had learned for those weeks with Mr. Miles and showed him how hard they had been working.  Also they were able to show their improvement in English!


In the afternoon, after making the Canadian Confederation chronological table, they went to the gym to play dodgeball.  The students played with the Canadian rules in the beginning but later they changed the rules to the Japanese ones. They need some exercise time to time in order to concentrate on classes
Day 14_4



Beach volleyball after school on Tuesday
Day 14_5



They play beach volleyball on a huge beach that can make more than 30 courts for beach volleyball.  The students got the first victory today!  Some pairs who always lost games by a large margin are playing better little by little.  Everyone has improved their beach volleyball skills.