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Summer Trip in Canada ~day 21~

August 4th , Tuesday


It has been 21 days since we came to Canada.  After the 3-day holiday, in the beginning of the class, the students had a test, which asked them to summarize merits and demerits of the foundation of Canada for the indigenous people at that time. They had studied the path of the foundation of the nation until then.  The students silently worked for the test individually.
Day 21_1

After the students mainly learned events that happened in Province of Ontario and Province of Quebec, the students started to study a new unit, focusing on a railway crossing the land from west to east, which means that the students are finally learning about Province of British Columbia where they are staying.  Today after the lecture, the students were given various topics for discussions, and they exchanged their views on the topics with one another.

Day 21_2

In the afternoon, the students visited Deep Bay Marine Station near the school.Day 21_3

Although the facility looks like a small aquarium, this is a laboratory of a nearby university and they actively try to protect the marine eco-system.

Day 21_4

Day 21_5

Day 21_6


In the end, they went to the ocean and studied how oysters are cultured.
Day 21_7