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Summer Trip in Canada ~day35~

August 20th, Tuesday


On the last day of school in Canada, when the students entered the classroom, there were some prizes.
Day 35_1


As all the lessons for Social Studies 10 finished yesterday, they had a time to enjoy activities such as games all day today.


A game to compete for the time to pick tissue paper out of a tissue box one by one
Day 35_2

A game to put an M & M chocolate on a straw stuck into a potato
Day 35_3

A game to pile 10 nuts up with chopsticks
Day 35_4



The students were split into some teams and competed for such games with one another.


In the afternoon, they had a barbecue party on a nearby beach.
Day 35_5

Day 35_6

After that, they spent time on the beach just as they liked.
Day 35_7

The extensive 5-week program in Canada was completed without any trouble.  Each of the students passed Social Studies 10 and got the first credits in the BC education curriculum thanks to those dedicated local teachers and the very supportive program coordinators, and the students’ big efforts!