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News Release

Well done for one year, DD students!

A ceremony of BSCIS celebrating the end of the first year of DD program was held on the 9th of March. The program started in April in 2015. It was a good year and we also had some challenges as “the first off-shore school of BC in Japan”.

After the last class this year, Mr. Dan Miles gave each student a Grade 10 certificate with praise for their success and hard work this year.


Each student gave a speech of reviewing this year, answering some spontaneous questions in front of the whole class. The content of their speech and their amazingly improved English showed how their skills progressed in the program.

Mr. Matsutani gave them a compliment celebrating their 1-year achievements.


The students will have the BC provincial examinations and welcome new Grade 10 students in April.

The ceremony was an opportunity to set up their new goals for the up-coming academic year.