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DD in Canada 3

The First Report on Our Overseas Study in Canada


This is the second Tuesday since we came to Canada.  It is going to be a long day because we are scheduled to play volleyball in the evening.

Our teacher, Mr. Litton has been giving us various treats in order to encourage us to keep studying.  This morning, he brought us the popular doughnuts in Canada, TIM HORTONS!!  During the class, we sometimes get mint chocolate from him, too!


We studied History of Canada for the past two days.  Taking our seniors’ reports on Canada’s progress until its independence into account, we are required to write a report on what we have learned in the class.  To accomplish this assignment, we are studying in pairs in the classroom or the library.


In the afternoon, we got ice cream after playing volleyball.

Also we were scheduled to play beach volleyball from 6:15 p.m., but the number of the participants was less than that of last week: only 9 students took part in it.  Maybe this is because those students felt pressure finishing up their homework, but it was great to enjoy playing at the beach with the beautiful sunset.  My host brother came to cheer for us.