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DD in Canada 4

Today we tried to write a report on Canadian history up to its independence.  The deadline is tomorrow, Friday, so we were desperate to finish it.


During the break our English teacher and his daughter joined our group to play throwing an oval ball.  It was difficult to hold and keep the ball.


At the lunch time, our homeroom teacher took some photos of the lunches we brought, which were made by our host families every day.  There were all kinds of lunches: noodles, sweets, huge amount of food and lunch in a cute container, etc.






Although we appreciate the meals we have been served by our host families, tell the truth we are kind of getting tired of Canadian food.   Many of us started longing for various Japanese dishes. Today one of our classmates brought Japanese noodles, Cup Noodle, for her lunch.  The good smell seemed to have made her nostalgic for Japanese taste, so she invited her homeroom teacher to sniff the tasty smell!  Through this kind of daily experience, we are learning how to appreciate our everyday life.


Tomorrow meeting at 6:45a.m., we are going to visit Victoria.  It will take more than 2 hours one way. Be on time, everyone!