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DD in Canada 5 ~Canada-style holiday~
DD student’s report on their holiday,M.O. writes:

My host family and I went to the lake which’s not so far from our home stay’s house. The lake was better than Japanese lakes. The temperature of the lake was very cold, even though it was summer. We did a barbecue by the lake.

H.O. writes:

Today, I went to a mall with my friend A.
I bought gifts for my friends in Japan. They love to wear necklaces. That’s why I bought necklaces for them. The necklaces are a cruciform, and a small clock style. After the mall, we went to Costoco, and ate a hotdog. It was tasty; I like it.  I enjoined the mall with my friend.


August 1st, the first Monday in August, is the [British Columbia Day].
D.D.students enjoyed the British Columbia Day.

S.M. & K.U. writes:
Today, many people came to our house and we had dinner together. I had lot of communication with them. My friend made Japanese green tea to them. We had a good time.


T.D. writes:
I went to a birthday party of grandfather of somebody with my friends and I got on the Canadian old tank. It was thrilling and was very interesting!
T.A. 1T.a. 2

I really enjoyed this weekend!!
I went to the Japanese restaurant with my host family in Nanaimo. I had sushi in this picture there. I was surprised to find that they use fruits such as mango and pineapple in sushi,but I like the taste. 
I also went to Qualicum Beach to swim in the evening . The ocean was so cold. However I had a good time.
I don’t think that I want to leave here. I want to try and experience  many things even if they are hard to do during my stay this summer in Canada.M.T. writes:
Dad and I went to the shopping mall in Nanaimo. It was fun because it was the first time of shopping in Nanaimo. I found a lot of Japanese things.