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DD in Canada 6

After the three-day holiday, we all started studying again.  Today we learned the process that Canada took after its independence, which was to expand the country to the west further and further.

One of the host mothers brought Nanaimo bars which everyone in this town loves—it’s kind of chocolate bars.  It is said that if a girl is good at making Nanaimo bars like nikujyaga, a traditional Japanese dish, she can get a heart of boys.  We enjoyed eating the bars.




In the morning the students had a PE class, and this seemed to make them exhausted in the afternoon.  So, Mr. Litton told us that we are not going to have a PE class in the morning from now on.

Mr. Litton returned the last week’s quiz and praised the sttudents.  All of the students are getting better scores than that of the first quiz.


On Vancouver Island, if you go to a special store, you can buy almost any Japanese ingredients.  Feeing the students are very much wishing to eat Japanese food, the homeroom teacher got natto for them and brought to the classroom. The nostalgic smell was spread in the room.  Due to the first rain since we came here, the beach volleyball class was cancelled.