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DD in Canada 7

Today the students did research on historical figures in Canada after its independence. The class was divided into 5 groups, so each group went to the library in the morning to prepare for their presentations. In the afternoon they presented what they found in their studies.


During the lunch time, Mr. Litton’s son and daughter brought in delicious “hot wings” for the students.

By having his children, Mr. Litton seemed to create an opportunity for the students to mingle with their age group, young Canadians.

The students enjoyed chatting with the son and daughter, and also they had fun playing volleyball with the two in the garden during the lunch break.  The two also listened to the presentations in the afternoon.  In the PE class, they played volleyball and basketball with the students.


Watching how the students ate and shared their lunches, the homeroom teacher was pleased to rediscover that they are really good pals. Student R ate the salad Student K brought.  Students H ate Student J’s pizza. Student A’s stir-fried curry and rice was picked by everyone!  Student K’s gyoza was a big hit, so almost nothing left for her after all. Many of the students wanted to try the cup noodles Student H brought from Japan etc., etc.  What a wonderful bunch!