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DD in Canada 8

There will be one more week to study here in Canada.  Having finished our history studies in the morning, we started studying the economy of Canada in the afternoon.


The second-year DD homeroom teacher, Mr. Kubota sent us “jyagariko”, Japanese potato snacks.  We really appreciated him!! The treat made us relax and thoroughly enjoy the Japanese taste!


Today is the last day for the Chinese students who studied for 4 weeks in the same school building where our classroom is located.  So, there was a farewell lunch party, Good-bye to Zibo. We all had pizza.

Although we did not have many occasions to be with the Chinese students except using the same bus for our school excursions, some of us exchanged e-mail with them.  For the farewell, we took a photo together in front of the school building.  Most of those Chinese students are planning to study at universities abroad, so they are mainly going to visit universities in Vancouver and Toronto for 6 days.  Then they will go back to China.



Tomorrow, there will be a quiz, and we are going to prepare a presentation for the economy class.