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DD in Canada 9

Today, we would like to tell you about how everyone comes to school.  Mr. Litton comes 30 minutes before the first class begins, but there is one very studious student who always comes a few minutes earlier than Mr. Litton arrives.  She doesn’t seem to like photo taking, so it is regretful that we cannot show her photo here. Several students live far away from the school, which requires a ride every day.  If our host families are close enough, we sometimes use a car pool.  There are some lucky ones who live close to the school: they come by bicycle or on foot.





This morning we prepared tomorrow’s presentations and in the afternoon there was a quiz.  In the DD program, when we take a quiz or test, we are allowed to spend as much time as we need, say 30 minutes to 1 hour or more.  In a way there is no time limit.  This method seems to encourage learner autonomy.  For this quiz, there was a box on the front desk where we can put our answer sheets.  After the quiz, students who still needed to prepare the presentations went to the library, but those who finished the preparation went to the gym.


Tomorrow we will have classes in the morning, and in the afternoon we go kayaking.  The temperature has been low around 12 C and high 22 C for the past several days, but tomorrow’s weather seems be perfect for kayaking—it will be 28 C.