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DD in Canada 10

Do you know a story, “Little House on the Prairie”? Maybe some of you know about the story as a TV program. We started out today with the special pancakes that Mr. Litton’s family kept from their grandmother in the time when this story was taken. Several students took part in preparing our breakfast. We had the pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup, fresh cream, and also juice and coffee were served. We really enjoyed eating the breakfast till we were all full!! After that, we prepared our presentations.



In the afternoon, we went to the Spider Lake—the name comes from the shape of the lake which looks like a spider if you look at it from the sky. We tried kayaking and paddling in the lake. At the beginning, we were kind of scared of the water, but eventually we were able to swim in a standing position and enjoyed playing with the water. This outing would be one of the best memories in Canada.