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DD in Canada 12

Today, “Kidfest” was held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  All of us volunteered in pairs to help people at the festival wearing a special T-shirt.  There were many activities and events for us to work for; for example, helping a child put on a wrist-band when he/she gave us a ticket, selling water, guiding children to the aired slide, checking the seatbelts of the children for a train ride, etc. We worked very hard in helping the children there.  Our lunch was probably bought in a supermarket, but it was gorgeous!! We enjoyed the lunch.



There were several activities other than just playing at the provide space; for instance, a children’s contest for making sand castles at the beach, facial painting, etc.  Some of us enjoyed facial painting as well.


This festival seems to be an important event for summer enjoyment in this small town, so there was a rare traffic jam.  The event place was so huge that we couldn’t find the parents of some of the children easily, but eventually all the children were able to meet their parents!  It was a long day for us, but we were pleased to be able to finish the day without any trouble.  It was true that we got very tired from helping and playing with the little children, but this was a great experience for us.



Tomorrow, we will be preparing our presentations for the economy class and studying for a test scheduled on the day after tomorrow.