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DD in Canada 14

August 17, 2016


The last day!!  Today we had a lot of fun since this morning.  When we got to the school, we were told to wait in the library because “something” was not ready yet.  Later we found out that Mr. Litton and the staff members prepared for a fun game day.

We were divided into 4 groups including Mr. Litton, Amanda and Connor.  And we did the following!:

  1. Pilling up 10 bolts
  2. Making a mummy using toilet paper
  3. Piling up dice using chopsticks
  4. Emptying tissue paper boxes
  5. Making a hole in a potato, sticking a straw into the potato and placing a M&M on the straw
  6. Moving the M&M with a straw
  7. Throwing a table tennis ball into a cup
  8. Knocking down cups stacked by rubber bands
  9. Moving to the gymnasium and keeping to toss 3 balloons in the air



There were some prizes which the winning teams were allowed to choose.  We were very surprised to see those gorgeous prizes!  All in all it was a really enjoyable time for us!


After the game, Mr. Litton returned us the finalexam results and our assignments: a perfect score for the exam was 25 points.  Each of us received our score sheet with the assignments, and the teacher talked to us individually looking at the score sheet using the rubric and the assignments as well.  He explained the reason for the point-deduction and also asked us if we were the exam graders, how many points we would give for those answers.  Also he asked what we thought about the evaluation and if the mark was fair.  Mr. Litton negotiated the given mark with each student.  (Having observed this negotiation, the homeroom teacher realized that there would be so much to learn from using the rubric.)  Mr. Litton explained to a student who could not make a good mark, “You’ve understood howdifficult it is to learn Canadian history in English.” Then he advised her to get more help from her classmates.  Mr. Littonmentioned that there were two students who made a perfect score, and he said those students would be model students for Canadian students, which made the homeroom teacher happy.

From the noon, we walked for about 30 minutes to get to a park in Parksville.  There Mr. Pepper, Principal broiled hot-dogs for us and also sushi was served.  We played badminton and tried aballthrowing game.  This was our last Parksville visit, so each of us enjoyed using its playground equipment.  At the end we took a group photo with Jennie, who helped us a lot during our stay.




Tomorrow we are going to meet at 9:00 a.m. and leave for Vancouver.