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DD in Canada 15

August 18, 2016


Finally we needed to leave Vancouver Island today.  So, all of us said good-bye to our host families.




For Mr. Litton, everyone in our class wrote a message on a card and sang a song to show our gratitude.  When we were going to get on the bus, he said, “Let me do the last counting you!”  He made sure we were all on the bus.


We got to Vancouver by ferry and had lunch at Grandville Island, which is a kind of market for tourists.  We could eat all kindsofinternational dishes.  After lunch, we got on the bus again and had a short city tour: we were able to see Stanley Park from the bus windows.


After having checked in our hotel, we went downtown to do shopping and had a seafood dinner at a beautiful restaurant.  Regarding souvenirs, most of us bought a lot and some of us got a cardboard box for their souvenirs.  So, everyone, you can look forward to those souvenirs!!DSC01661


Tomorrow we will have breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and visit the University of British Colombia .  Then, we are going to the Vancouver International Airport.