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Privacy policy


Bunka Suginami Canadian International School (BSCIS) will respectfully protect each personal information regarding prospective students, current students, their parents or guardians and graduates. The original documents that are used as personal information at school will be disposed in a certain period of time.


1.Purpose of the use of personal information

Personal information, given on the school explanation days and the examinations before the entrance of BSCIS, will be used for “guidance of explanation days”, “documents relating to entrance examinations”, “documents relating to announcements of examination results”. Personal information after the entrance of BSCIS will be used for “documents describing the rules in laws”, “letters to parents or guardians”, “name lists of the parents’ association” and “academic transcripts・references”.

2.Monitor school staff members and outsourcers

BSCIS will “instruct the staff members in terms of the protection of personal information for students and parents or guardians”. Personal information will be used by the teachers in charge of each grade and the school staff members. There might be a case that BSCIS outsources the job relating to personal information such as an obligation to keep a computer information secret. In this case, the outsourcer will conclude a contract, “non-disclosure agreement” with BSCIS after BSCIS confirms that the outsourcer equals or surpasses BSCIS in handling personal information. They will be monitored in terms of their work by BSCIS staff members.

3.Accuracy of personal information

BSCIS will try to keep personal information accurate.

4.Disclosure, correction, deletion in terms of personal information

As a matter of principle, a disclosure of personal information can be requested only by the person by herself. To find out more specific information, please call the BSCIS office (TEL: 03-3392-6636). If a disclosure of personal information is requested, BSCIS will give the information with a confirmation of identity. In case a correction or deletion of personal information is requested, BSCIS will promptly deal with it as long as the purpose of use as described above is not interfered.

5.Limits of providing information to a third party

Acquired personal information will be used for the school’s operation. Thus we will not provide the information to a third party except of the cases, “obtaining the consent of the person”, “following by laws, a disclosure is requested” and “disclosing so as to protect BSCIS’s rights”. There are possibilities that we may provide personal information for post-secondary institutions such as universities after the consent of the student and parents or guardians.

6.Revising private policy

This privacy policy will be revised timely to protect laws or any other rules.
Created on March 31st in 2005
Revised on June 10th in 2008